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Indonesia Retirement Visas

To be eligible for your Bali retirement visa, you should be:

 • Be 55 years old or older.

Following documents required to process your retirement visa:

 • Copy of your passport (valid min 18 months).
 • Proof of holding a pension or deposit bank statement.
 • Health insurance and life insurance.
 • Curriculum vitae.
 • Proof of rental agreement.
 • Statement letter that you will employ an Indonesian while your stay in Bali.
 • Passport photos sized 4 cm x 6 cm = 6 pcs, 3 cm x 4 cm =6 pcs, 2 cm x 3 cm =6 pcs (red background).

Benefits you can enjoy over your retirement visa:

 • Open a bank account
 • Get local driving license
 • Purchase any vehicle on your own name
 • Get special prices and discounts.
 • Live for years without any obligation to leave the territory.

Real fiscal advantages as you become a resident in Indonesia.


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