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Travelers Tips

The following piece of information will surely be useful to the Indonesia travelers:

- The best time to go to Indonesia is between May and October. The season is dry and thus enables one to move around easily in a hassle free manner.

- The passports should be valid for at least for six months.

- There are a large number of tourist information centers in the country from where you can get information about the places to visit. They will also help you to make hotel bookings. All the necessary guidance will be provided to make your visit a problem free one.


- The currency of the country is Rupiah. The hotels and shops do accept credit cards. This is more prevalent in big cities. In small towns it is betters that you carry sufficient amount of Rupiah. You can get the travelers cheque encashed at the banks.

- When traveling to Indonesia, you must wear light clothes. As the climate is humid, hence informal clothing is fine.

- The country has the embassies of a large number of countries like the United States of America, India, China and others countries. In case of any difficulty, you can contact the relevant authorities in these embassies.

- The Indonesia tourist information serves as a helpful guide for the travelers, especially the international travelers. It makes traveling within the country much more simple and easy.



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