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Indonesia Public Holidays

Indonesia has a huge public holiday list. During the Indonesia public holidays, most of the institutions, like the government offices, banks, schools and colleges remain closed.

The Indonesia holidays consist of public holidays and other special holidays. During the public holidays, all the educational institutions, offices and other institutions remains closed.

These holidays are usually associated with some religious festival that is celebrated within the country. Starting from January, right down to December, there are numerous holidays in Indonesia when more or less everything remains closed.

Some of the major public holidays in Indonesia are as follows:


January 1st New Year: The first day of the new year is a public holiday throughout the country.

Idul Fitri Festival: This festival is celebrated on Feb 20th and 21st. It is a major festival in the country and hence a public holiday.

Seclusion Day / Saba New Year: This is celebrated on March 21st every year.

Good Friday, which is celebrated on April 5th, is a public holiday in Indonesia.

Idul Adha Great Day is celebrated on April 28 to commemorate Prophet Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his son Ismael to God.

May 16 Ascension day of Christ

Hijriah New Year, on May 19th celebrates the emigration of prophet Muhammad and his followers to Medina.

Vesak Day, which is celebrated on June 2nd, is an important Indonesia holiday. Known as Hari Raya Vesak, it is a major Buddhist festival.

Maulid of Prophet Muhammad: It is observed on July 28th. On this day the country celebrates the birthday of Prophet Muhammad.

National Independence Day: Celebrated on August 17th, it is the day on which the country attained independence. Thus, it is one of the most important public holidays of Indonesia.

Isra Miraj of Prophet Muhammad is observed on December 8th. This is another holiday in Indonesia.

Christmas Day or Jesus’ Birthday on the 25th of December is public holiday all across the country.

The Indonesia holidays gives one an opportunity to take break from the daily routine and enjoy with ones family and friends. Each of these days feature extensive celebrations and are a time of merry making.



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