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Hospitals in Indonesia

Hospitals in Indonesian are popular for its world class services. There are doctors, nurses and other medical staff who works all round the clock to make Indonesia a healthier place.

There are approximately 1,234 hospitals in Indonesia. Out of which about 40.92% are government owned. 9.08% of the hospitals are owned by military organizations and the remaining hospitals are owned by private companies.

Indonesian Red Cross or commonly known as Palang Merah Indonesia is the non-profit organization. The extremely popular Indonesian Red Cross owns a general hospital in Bogor located in West Java. Indonesian Hospitals Association works in collaboration with the government of Indonesia to promote national health care programs and it also tries to provide technical consultations which would help the local hospitals to improve its management skills.


Indonesian Hospitals Association is also an umbrella organization for about 1,234 hospitals. Islamic Hospitals Foundation is the organization for Islamic hospitals of Indonesia.

Most of the hospitals in Indonesia are equipped with world class equipments to treat the diseases of the people. They remain opened almost 24 hours daily. There are different sections in the hospital like general surgery department. This department is equipped with air conditioned operation theatre.

The Indonesian hospitals are equipped with modern equipments and instruments for treating diseases.



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