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Emergency Numbers in Indonesia

If you are thinking whom to contact when you are in trouble in Indonesia, then you need not worry at all. You can simply dial the Indonesia emergency phone numbers and get all the assistance and help that you may require.

The Indonesia emergency phone numbers basically refers to those numbers by which you can contact the police, fire department, ambulance, blood banks, electricity, hospitals and other public and social service agencies and departments. The relevant officials will be at your service on the receiving the call immediately and will give you all the support or help that you may require.

Given below is a list of some of the main emergency phone numbers of Indonesia, which you can call for necessary assistance.


• Police Department: 110

• Fire Department: 113

• For quick medical assistance you can dial either 118 or 119.

In case someone gets lost or needs to be rescued, then you can call up the Search and Rescue team at 115

• Natural Disaster assistance: 129

• For electricity problems: 123

If you are carrying a mobile phone, then you can call up the cellular phone and satellite phone services helpline, for necessary assistance. The number is 112.

• Postal Service Information: 161
• National Alertness: 122
• Military Police: 125
• Tourism Information: 166
• Time Information: 103
• Public Call Service Disruption: 117

If you are in Bali, the following numbers might be of help:

Badung Red Cross: (0361) 484305
AIDS Hot Line Info - Citra: (0361) 246788
S Prima Medica Hospital: +62-361 236-225
Surya Husada Hospital: +62-361 233-787
Wangaya Hospital: +62-361 222-141
Sanglah Hospital Hotlines: + 62 (0) 361 745 2307

The Indonesia emergency phone numbers are extremely useful. In case of any assistance, just dial the relevant numbers and get all the help that you may require.
Don’t try to swim outside designated swimming areas on the Indonesian beach as the currents can be strong.

These are some of the essential tips for do’s and don’ts in Indonesia. If you follow these tips then your trip to Indonesia will be a remarkable one.


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