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Nightlife in Indonesia

Nightlife in Indonesia is worth enjoying. Like all major countries and cities of the world Indonesia vibrates and pulsates at night. After a hard days work he tired feet’s renew energy and vigor in the nightclubs and bars here.

There are a number of bars and nightclubs in Indonesia. As matter of fact Indonesia puts on a festive look at night. The numerous sparkling and dazzling lights add glamour and charm to he city and makes its more attractive.

Nightlife in Indonesia attracts tourists from many places. The beet and rhythm of music in the dance clubs will force anybody to tap their feet. You can enjoy the night in many ways. From candle-lit romantic dinners and sedate tropical lounges to lively theme pubs and nightclubs thundering all night long, you are free to enjoy in your own way.


The sparking and dazzling bars and nightclubs even have live performances by bands. There are DJ’s in many clubs who play the favorite music of the town.

There are many important bars and pubs where people crowd everyday. The Hard Rock Cafe is one of favorite destinations for nightbirds. Situated in the hub of Kuta beach, the Hard Rock Café with its live band performances everyday attracts huge crowds. The performances generally start from 11pm and go until 2am. Here you will get snacks and beverages like beer, champagne, vodka, various alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, wine and others. The Jaya Pub is popular among tourists and locals.

The live bands are often joined by both professional and amateur visiting musicians. This pub is open until 2am. The Bali Peanuts Club is one of the most frequented destinations of the nightbirds. The crowd generally comprises youngsters and sprinkled with locals, who all take to the huge dance floor in the cave-like air-conditioned interior. There are pool tables and plenty of other forms of Nightlife here. Rock and Roll and Disco music compliment the very reasonably priced drinks on Jalan Raya Legian. Besides these there are many other popular destinations at night for the people and tourists of Indonesia.

Nightlife in Indonesia really rocks. So, if you are in Indonesia you are sure to enjoy the nightlife here.








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