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Entertainment in Indonesia

Indonesia houses everything on earth to keep its visitors enthralled and happy. Entertainment in Indonesia is a consolidation of traditional, modern (local), and non-local. The people coming here are never bored because of the myriad forms of entertainment here.

Entertainment in Indonesia is not only diversified but also colorful. The traditional entertainment here includes Wayang (puppet show), comedians, and traditional dances.

The Wayang (Puppet Show) besides being a form of entertainment is also the bearer of Indonesian culture. These Indonesian puppet shows are regarded as one of the earliest forms of animation. The culture of Indonesia is reflected in the plays that act as a carrier of myth, morality play, and form of religious experience rolled into one.


In music, for example, there are pop bands and singers, rock bands, country singers, jazz groups, rappers and many others. These music forms are entertaining and rejuvenating at the same time. The non-traditional music styles like kroncong, and dangdut has a rich Indonesian flavor: You can also entertain yourself by visiting the theater halls here. Indian films are widely batched and popular here. 21 Cineplex is one of the popular theatre halls here. Besides, there is the Chinese Kung Fu or martial art which is another form of entertainment. In Kuta, Sanur, Nusa Dua, Ubud and other tourist destinations you will easily find advertisements and flyers informing you all about the art and cultural performances and also about modern entertainment.

Don’t miss the opportunity to watch extravagant and exotic traditional dances and dramas accompanied by the high-valued gamelan instruments in Indonesia. The dances and dramas and other cultural attractions are organized at many venues, mainly in the open-air. They also held in temples, incorporated in some of the munificent Balinese ceremonies. The hotels, bars, clubs and other nightspots houses modern entertainment.

The Entertainment in Indonesia is rich and it is in line with the culture of the country. You will definitely enjoy your stay here.








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