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Ubud is a famous arts and crafts center, lying in central Bali. A town almost infested with artists' workshops and galleries, Ubud is a major tourist attraction in the archipelago, with people coming here impressed by the great art and craft culture reigning here.

Apart from these arts galleries that interest the visitors, there are still terraced rice fields, and a calm and quiet village life that attracts people. Some of the major sites of tourist attraction in Ubud are listed here to enable the discerning traveler to make a choice of all that he would like to see when in the town of Ubud.

Museum Puri Lukisan, or the Museum of Fine Arts, in the town of Ubud is a group of three buildings showcasing traditional and modern Balinese art.


Monkey Forest, in Ubud, is forest full of ravenous monkeys, which attack any traveler with food on him. Deep inside the forest, is Pura Dalem Agung Padangtegal, a Temple of the Dead, which is another attraction in Ubud.

Botanic Garden, Kutuh Kaja, in Ubud, is a natural reserve and garden that displays the flora of the land, and has samples of even the most exotic flowers, herbs and shrubs.

Goa Gajah, or the Elephant Cave, is a popular excursion destination only about 3 kms away from Ubud. This is a cave, with a mouth that resembles a demon's mouth. Inside the cave, there are statues of the ‘lingam’ and ‘yoni’, as also a statue of Lord Ganesha.

Gunung Kawi, or the Poet Mountain, is presumed to be the burial complex of King Anak Wungsu and his many wives, and is about 18 km northeast of Ubud.

Tirta Empul, 20 kms from Ubud, is considered to be one of the most holy temples in all of Bali, and is surrounded by hot springs that are considered to have miraculous powers.

Apart from these attractions, Ubud, has dance and shadow puppet performances every night for the benefit of the international tourists. There are also a number of spas, and healing clinics, where the tired and stressed out traveler can have massages and treatments to soothe him.

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