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Sulawesi the world’s eleventh-largest island, covering an area of 174,600 sq km., has a strange orchid-shape, sometimes seeming too spidery, because of its spindly, twisted, elongated arms.

A major tourist destination of the country, Sulawesi is a land of thrilling travel experiences owing to its distinctive landscapes, a profusion of nature and natural resources, and its versatile and intriguing culture.

Sulawesi is divided into two parts – South Sulawesi and North Sulawesi, each a veritable treasure house of wonderful and amazing things to see. The Southern part of Sulawesi has scenic seacoasts, rugged mountains and verdant rice-growing plains that are fascinating in themselves. Though this portion of Sulawesi does not have too many sites of historical or artistic importance, the area has its charms originating from the well-kept towns, and the extensive seacoasts.


The major tourist destinations in and around the South islands of Sulawesi are:

Ujung Pandang, lies in south Sulawesi and has several sites of interest such as pristine beaches, a spectacular coral reef, colorful highland market towns and the redolent wrecks of fallen kingdoms.

Pare-Pare, in the southern part of Sulawesi has awe-inspiring scenery, created by a limestone range that has intricate patterns of ridges and sheer cliffs.

Apart from these, there are other places of interest in the southern portion of the island of Sulawesi such as Selayar Island, Luwu, in the Gulf of Bone, Tana Toraja, or Torajaland etc.

The northern part of Sulawesi is highly mountainous and has many volcanoes, a number of which are still active. There is a long stretch of pure sandy beaches that have magnificent corals, and a rich and multihued equatorial aquatic life. There are a number of wonderful places to visit in this northern portion of the island of Sulawesi such as Manado, Bunaken, Tasik Ria, Tangkoko Batuangus etc among many other wonderful locations.

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