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Moyo Island

Situated just off the northern coast of Sumbawa, Moyo Island is a small island in Indonesia. Moyo Island is the house of only 6000 people and contains a large nature reserve controlled by Sumbawa.

The famous Amanwana hotel is placed within this reserve, which comprises the dock, sun lounging area and offers visitors to enjoy fine snorkeling, the scenic beauty of Moyo Island. You can visit Shell Beach that is viewed from Crocodile Head and enjoy the sunset over Amanwana Bay.

There are several tourist attractions situated in Moyo Island and some of them are, jungle tree is well equipped with spikes and native Moyo Islanders advised that neither people nor animals nor even insects would eat these bright orange fruits known as Faux jungle 'oranges'.


Close to Amanwana there is a village called Labu Aji village, which is visited, by boat. Moyo waterfall situated close to the center of the Moyo Island offer extremely refreshing swimming. The tourists who love adventure, for them quite a few fine dive spots lie along the west coast of Moyo in the Flores Sea.

Moyo Island is a tranquil coastal paradise that offers spectacular coral and crystal clear waters for good diving possibilities, such as Blue sea star Linckia laevigata- large sea stars common in coral rubble zones around Moyo, green and yellow crinoids, Red soft coral and Acropora sp. hard coral. Clownfish etc.

There are a number of submerged reefs situated around Moyo Island and amongst them most well-known reefs are, Angel Reef - located on the west coast of Moyo Island, it is a glowing coral reef with a vertical wall falling to over 40 meters in depth where you can see marine lives like longfin bannerfish, redtooth triggerfish, batfish and blacktips.

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