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Mentawai Island

One of the most fascinating and thrilling island called Mentawai Island is the favorite destination of the people who love the adventurous sport, surfing. The perfect waves, warm water and the incredible atmosphere make this place the paradise of surfers. People from all over the world do not mind to coming to the other side of the Atlantic.

Located almost 150km west of Sumatra in the Indian Ocean, Mentawai Island situated on the border of a continental shelf, which is surrounded by the coral reefs. Deep-water flows up onto these coral reefs that protect the continental shelf.

Siberut, Sipura, North Pagai (Pagai Utara) and South Pagai (Pagai Selatan) are the four main islands, which make up the chain of Mentawai Island and these islands are surrounded by many smaller islands.


Siberut Island (4030 km²) is the largest island among these four Mentawai Islands. The position of these islands makes them an outstanding location for surfing. The residents of the islands are called the Mentawai. The Mentawai Island contain one of the most enthralling and best-preserved indigenous cultures of the world, but, due to the unrestricted tidal wave of Indonesia’s modernization this culture is dangerously close to being extinguished.

The Mentawai Islands are part of West Sumatra (Sumatera Barat) province and Padang is the capital of the province, which situated on the Sumatran mainland opposite Siberut. Mentawai Islands rain forests ecoregion, which is located on the Mentawai Islands, accommodates numerous endemic species, including Four endemic primates, such as Mentawai or Kloss Gibbon (Hylobates klossii), Mentawai Macaque (Macaca pagensis), Mentawai leaf-monkey (Presbytis potenziani), and snub-nosed monkey (Simias concolor).

Mentawai Islands is isolated from the rest of the world. To visit at the island you need to fly to Singapore (7 hours from Sydney), stay overnight there, and then fly to Padang (an Indonesian Port) (1hr 20 min flight). From Padang, the only mode to reach at Mentawai Islands is boat, which takes an overnight 10-hour journey to straight waves.

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