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Makassar (sometimes spelled Macassar) is the provincial capital of South Sulawesi, Indonesia. It is the largest city on Sulawesi Island in terms of population, and the fifth largest city in Indonesia after Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, and Medan.

From 1971 to 1999, the city was named Ujung Pandang, after a precolonial fort in the city, and the two names are often used interchangeably. The city is located on the southwest coast of the island of Sulawesi, facing the Makassar Strait.

Makassar has several famous traditional foods. The most famous is Coto Makassar. It is a stew made from the mixture of nuts, spices, and selected offal which may include beef brain, tongue and intestine. Konro rib dish is also a popular traditional food in Makassar. Both Coto Makassar and Konro are usually eaten with Burasa or Ketupat, a glutinous rice cake.


The nearest International airport is Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport, located about 20 km North East from Losari Beach. To make arrangements for a taxi from Airport to Losari Beach, contact one the taxi operators or travel agents that have counter in the Airport.

Popular attractions in Makassar:

• Fort Rotterdam

• Losari Beach


• La Galigo Museum

• Bugis Waterpark



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