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Jakarta, the capital city, home to over 10 million people. This effervescent city is always bustling with the celebrations of life. Dotted with high rises, single story residential houses, modern apartment complexes and survivalists shanties, the city space tells a story of the vast diversities that exist in the city adding to its multifarious character. So, why should you visit Jakarta? Well, for the same reasons you would visit New York, or London, or Paris, or Singapore, or any other big city.

Enjoy shopping in Jakarta

Shopping in Jakarta is definitely the most delightful exercise of the city. Lately, Jakarta has been booming with super size, mega malls where you can find everything, from a pair of sunglasses to protect the eyes from the glare of tropical sunlight to a silk, batik tie for your important dinner meeting.


Whether you want to shop for books, toys or leather products, fashion clothes or jewellery, electronics or handcrafts, you will find it all here, sometimes under one roof. In fact, you might even stay there, since, like Plaza Indonesia, it also connects to the luxurious Grand Hyatt hotel.

Relish the Gastronomical Delights of Jakarta

There are many restaurants in Jakarta where you can try some specialty dishes, prepared innovatively using indigenous produce. Most of the shopping places are lined with restaurants as well, so that you can fill your stomach once your are through with your shopping spree. The food courts in most of these shopping malls are a god option as well.

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