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Irian Jaya

With its excellent natural magnificence, Irian Jaya offers a peaceful atmosphere, which draws the attention of those visitors who want to spend their holidays in a quiet ambience. The spectacular landscape of Irian Jaya comprises the wildest jungles, which are almost impassable, timeless snow covered mountain ridges over 5,000 meters high, with walls fall hundreds meters down, small glacier lakes, many picturesque beaches and vast stretches of marshlands.

The imperturbable lush fields kiss the foot of the high mountains. Rivers cut through dark forests, which are filled with crocodile and slowly but surely discharge the water into the sea. The land of Irian Jaya is the house of the highest peaks of the central mountain range is such as Puncak Jayawijaya (5,500 meters), Gunung Trikora (5,160 meters) and Gunung Yamin (5,100 meters).


The largest lakes of this region are Paniai, Ronbenbai and Sentani. The indigenous people of Irian Jaya are separated into almost 250 sub-groups as the physical features, language, customs, artistic expression and culture of Irian Jaya is completely different with each other. But, the 250 sub-groups of this area are belong to the Melanesian race and are interrelated to the people residing in the islands along the southern rim of the Pacific.

The local people of the Irian Jaya still uphold their inherited customs and traditions, which are almost far away from the foreign influences. The changes are taken place among the coastal people, those who have the connection with the outside world. Irian Jaya is well known as the land, where Bird of Paradise is found. Copper, oil, timber and sea products like fish and shrimps are the main products of Irian Jaya. Irian Jaya is known as the 'wild east' of Indonesia.

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