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Gili Islands

Situated on the northwest coast of Lombok, the three islands, called Gili Air, Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan form an archipelago known as Gili Islands, which is one of the most popular destinations in Indonesia.

These three picturesque tropical islands offer its visitors fantastic, white sandy beaches, crystal clear water, amazing coral reefs, brightly colored fish and a renowned party scene from sunset to sunrise. Visitors from all over the world, who wanted to spend their holiday in a quite mood, Gili Islands are the ideal place for them.

There are no cars, motorcycles, and hawkers to disturb the tranquility, though a wide range of rooms, bungalows and villas are there, which are suitable for all budgets. The islands are known as tropical paradise for its lazy rustic charms.


Lombok received a large number of visitors throughout the year, some of them came to the Gili Islands on day trips, and then the visitors started to stay for longer periods in local homes. Gradually the islands have become very popular especially for visitors to Bali and Lombok.

However, the Gili Air and Gili Meno maintained their unspoilt nature, but Gili Trawangan has become more touristy and pricy and the local government is willing to promote upmarket tourist development. The best time to visit at Gili Islands is from May through August and the island is busiest in this time, the off-season from January to April offers the visitors a better opportunity to enjoy the scenic beauty and calmness of the islands with accommodation prices at their lowest level.

The visitors who love adventure, for them Gili Islands provide many activities and to participate in these activities you can make your holiday more enjoyable and unforgettable. You can rent snorkeling equipment, join a diving course, rent a kayak, go fishing, or take a glass bottom boat and enjoy the splendid coral reefs and fishes. Gili Islands are easily accessible direct from Bali with the new Fast Boat service, ran by Blue Water Safaris, or by plane and local boat from Lombok.

The BlueWater FastBoat service is the most popular way of getting to and from the Gili Islands, which includes air-con hotel transfers in Bali and frequent sightings of dolphins on the way. If you wish to get around the islands, then the only mode of transport is Cidomos, horse drawn carriages, you can hired Bicycles as well.

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