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Bunaken Island

Bunaken Island comprises an area of 808 ha. and attractive white sandy beaches. The island called Bunaken is facing of Manado. This island offers one of the most beautiful sea environments of the world. Bunaken Timur is situated right off the east coast of Bunaken Island, which comprises some of the finest site in all Indonesia.

The magnificence of Bunaken Island is lies on the crystal clear water and amazing range of marine life, which includes the dazzling colors and the drop-off walls, caverns and gullies, large caves with hanging masses of coral. The marine life of Bunaken Island, Indonesia also includes an incredible collection of sea life such as; colorful coral fish, crabs, lobsters, transparent and red-striped coral shrimps, giant Napoleon wrasses, anglefishes, turtles, blue ribbon eels, sharks, eagle rays, groupers, tunas, sea snakes, barracudas dolphins and pilot wales, tube sponge, Christmas tree worms, orange and red encrusting sponges etc. that will give you the awesome experience, which is unforgettable.


The visitors who love adventurous sports like diving; Bunaken Island, Indonesia considered as paradise for them. Every Bunaken dive is a memorable experience for the visitors. In this island, you can enjoy blue-water float dives or you would be fascinated to swim with dolphins, sharks, giant turtles and other colorful coral-reef fishes as the Bunaken diving team guides you over vivid, unspoiled coral gardens. The best season to dive in this island is the dry summer season from June to August, when the visibleness of the water is maximum.

There are various famous sites in Bunaken Island where you can enjoy diving, the activity for which this island is renowned and some of them are;

• Celah Celah
• Likuan III
• Likuan I & II
• Pangalisan and Bunaken Timur

• Sachiko's Point
• Mike's Point
• Raymond's Point
• Tengah

• Mandolin Point
• Alung Banua
• Fukui Point
• Kampung


How to get to Bunaken Island

By boat, Bunaken Island is almost 45-60 minutes away from Manado. If you want to visit at this island you can take a public boat that leaves every day (except Sunday) at 2:00 pm, or you can hire a private boat anytime.

The nearest International airport to Bunaken Island is Sam Ratulangi International Airport, located 13 kilometres (8.1 mi) northeast of Manado. To make arrangements for a taxi from Airport to Manado harbor, contact one the taxi operators or travel agents that have counter in the Airport. Most resorts in Bunaken Island will arrange transfers from the airport for their guests.

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