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Bukit Tinggi

Bukit Tinggi meaning “High Mountain” in Malay, is a small town in the middle of the Minangkabau area, in West Sumatra. High up in the mountains, this little town in Indonesia, is a major tourist attraction, and people from all over the world come here to vacation.

There are many wonderful and interesting things to see in the town of Bukit Tinggi, Indonesia, and this website has made a comprehensive list of all of these.

Fort De Kock and the Museum, Fort De Kock a footbridge takes one over the main street of Bukittinggi to the Museum and the Zoo. The museum has a wonderful collection of Minangkabau art and culture put on display for tourists. The Zoo is also a place one can visit, though it is not really well-kept.


Sianok Canyon, the Sianok Canyon or Ngarai Canyon covers an area of bout four kilometers southwest of the town of Bukit Tinggi. One can walk trough the canyon and climb up a small steep trial. It is quite a heavy climb, but leads to a flat green ricefield, that will lead to Kota Gadang, which is at about two hours walking distance from Bukit Tinggi.

Kota Gadang, lying about eight kilometers from Bukit Tinggi, is famous for it crafts, such as silwerware, and shawls. One can get to see the silversmiths at work with filigree or see the weaving of shawls.

Batu Sangkar, about 40 km from Bukit Tinggi, is the traditional Minangkabau village, with traditional Minangkabau buildings, structures, and architecture. The major attraction here is the palace known as Balai Janggo.

Ngalau Kamang and Ngalau Indah, two caves that lie north east of Bukit Tinggi with many stalagmites and stalactites.

Rafflesia Arnoldy Sanctuary, 16 km away from Bukit Tinggi, is a place where one can get to see the Rafflesia, which is the largest flower on earth, and is renowned for its foul smell.

Harau valley / Lembah arau, is about 45 km from Bukit Tinggi, to the north east and is a land of waterfalls, and many steep cliffs. The highest waterfall here is 110 meters high.

Lake Maninjau, about 40 km from Bukit Tinggi, is one most beautiful spots in west Sumatra. The path to the Lake is impressive in itself, with 44 hairpin bends that afford spectacular views over the lake.

The nearest International airport to Bukit Tinggi is Minangkabau International Airport in Padang, located 72 km South West of Bukit Tinggi. To make arrangements for a taxi from Airport to Bukit Tinggi, contact one the taxi operators or travel agents that have counter in the Airport.

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