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Indonesia Population

The land of Thousands of Island is known for its unique culture and majestic beauty. The cultural fervour of the country is reflected in its population which counts to around 261.1 million (2016).

The Indonesia population makes it ranked fourth in the world only after China, India and United States of America. Out of the more than 13,000 islands of the land only a handful are inhabited that shoots up the population density of the country to a higher level.

The island of Java upholds it with more than 107 million people living in that island in an area which spreads to not more than the area of New York State. The Indonesian population presents the picture of a mixed group of ethnic cultures and several linguistic groups.


After the Second World War Bahasa Indonesia, the national language which is a form of Malay, became popular in the archipelago and came up as the most accepted form of written communication in Indonesia. The language though is the basis of education, government and business. Other languages that the Indonesia population speaks are English, Dutch, local dialects like the Javanese, the most widely spoken form.

Indonesia is predominantly a Muslim dominated country with the share of 88% of the Muslims. Next on the list are the Protestant with 5% share in the total population of the country to be followed by the Roman Catholics 3%, Hindus 2%, Buddhists 1% and the scarcely populated ethnic tribes.

The literacy rate in the country is quite good. Out of the total population around 83.8% are considered literate. The definition of literacy in the country comprises of the population above the age of 15 who can read and write. Of the total literate population 89.6% are male and 78% are female population, according to an estimation of the year 1995.








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