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The decisive factor that decides the plight of the progression of a country is the stability of the land in terms of governance. A stable government attracts the best of the investments along with loads of development. A stable government leads to the stability in the society too.

An unstable government brings in the fervor of unrest ness in the society with the feeling of civil wars and other anti-social activities. This brings in the importance of the political scenario of the country and its politics where Indonesia is no exception. Indonesia Politics is known worldwide for its great undulations.

Indonesia represents the presidential from of government and is a republic. The central power is vested with the national government which is headed by the elected head of the state.


This shows the feature of a unitary government. The country had long and influential rule of President Suharto for a long time following whose downfall in 1998 the administration witnessed major changes in the structure of the government and the political scenario of the state. This was the time when Indonesia went through major political and legislative reforms.

Indonesian constitution was formed in 1945 after which it has been reformed four times in 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002. After the last reform the legislative, judicial and legislative branches were overhauled and a new liberal democratic political system was established.

President is the head of the state, commander-in-chief of the armed forces, and an indispensable figure for domestic governance, policy-making and foreign affairs. The term for the president is of five years and in 2004 the common people voted directly for the President and Vice- President for the first time. The People's Consultative Assembly (MPR) is the highest representative body at the national level whose main function is to support and amend constitution along with formulizing outlines for the state policies.

The MPR is invested with the power of impeaching the president. It constitute of two lower houses of representatives: the People's Representative Council (DPR) which houses 550 members and the Regional Representatives Council (DPD) which includes 168 members.








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