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New Year Celebrations

New Year Celebrations

New Year Celebrations is celebrated in the month of January. It basically marks the beginning of a new year and the end of an old year. It is usually held on the 1st of January every year. New Year Celebrations in Indonesia is celebrated with great pomp and gaiety like any other country of the world. This day is observed as public holiday, hence all the schools, colleges, offices and other institutions remains closed on this day. In Indonesian language it is known as Tahun Baru Masehi.

On the 1st day of New Year, the people mostly prefer to spend time with their friends and family. Being a pubic holiday in the Republic, you can see them thronging the cinema halls of the restaurants of the city. They spend the day eating and drinking and visiting some of the major tourist attractions of the city. During the evenings, the people go to the pubs and discos to enjoy themselves.

On this day, the people also go on a shopping spree. The malls and shops are visited by a large number of people, who come to buy new clothes and other articles. The basic idea is to make a fresh start. It’s a day of merry making. People visit one another’s house to exchange gifts.

Feasts are laid out, where you get to eat traditional Indonesian food and delicacies.

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