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Kasada is an annual festival of Indonesia, which is held in the month of March. However, sometimes, it is also held in the month of February.

Kasada in Indonesia is dedicated to Mount Bromo. This is one of the most famous volcanic mountains of the country. Located between Bali and Surabaya, this mountain is also a major tourist attraction of the country. Large number of people comes to Indonesia, not only to take a look at its deep craters but also to attend the celebrations of the Kasada festival.

On Kasada, the people of the country climb the 2392 meters high volcanic mountain to offer prayers and pay tribute to their forefathers and ancestors. Kasada is basically the name of a month. It is the twelfth month in the Tenggerese calendar year. The festival is held on the fourteenth day of this month.

Though Mount Bromo is dormant, however sometimes sulphur fumes can still be seen emitting from the craters. Whenever the locals hear any rumbling and grumbling sound from the crater, they rush to this pace to give their offerings. Hence one can say that Kasada is basically celebrated to keep the holy mountain from erupting.

In this festival the people come with all sorts of offerings to this holy volcano. The offerings ranges form fruits, flowers, and chicken to bigger and unique items like live water- buffaloes. These offerings are either thrown in the crater or are given to the Muslim petitioners. Tourists from outside the country come to watch this spectacular event.

If you happen to attend the Kasada, then you can go for pony ride from the Ngadisari village to the foot of this grand mountain. The view is simply marvelous and the ride is exciting.

Kasada is one of the most popular religious festivals of the country. This festival clearly highlights the Indonesians belief in nature Gods.

The closest airport to Mount Bromo is Surabaya's Juanda International Airport, the airport is located approximately 12 kilometers (8 miles) from Surabaya city center. Distance between Surabaya and Mount Bromo is approximately 79 km. You need to chartered a 4W or jeep from Probolinggo or Malang in order to reach Mount Bromo.

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