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Independence Day Celebrations

Independence Day Celebrations

Indonesia one of the famous countries of Asia gained freedom the colonial rule on 17th August. So, this particular day is celebrated by the people of Indonesia as their Independence Day. People of Indonesia take part in the Independence Day Celebrations with full enthusiasm.

The people of Indonesia begin the preparations for celebrating the Independence Day much more in advance to make the event a grand success. The skyscrapers of the country mainly the official buildings located around town displays lighted designs or large banners .the fences around the most popular presidential palace of Indonesia and also other important government offices are clothed in red and white bunting. The shopping malls of the country are also ornamented in red and white bunting. Moreover, certain special discount sales are also offered to the visitors for Independence Day.

Moreover for the Independence Day Celebrations the city drains are Drains are swept, the debris is cleared and some of popular public areas are even painted. People are requested to host the Indonesian flag during this period. Businessman also offers some contributions to celebrate the Independence Day. Fireworks displays are also enjoyed by the people during the Independence Day.

The President of Indonesia delivers the State of the Nation Address to the members of the House of Representatives, honored guests and also diplomatic corps on the eve of Independence Day. On the grand day of 17th august the Indonesian flag is hoisted at the National Palace. The TV channels cover live performances. People who are not able to come to the venue can watch the programs from their home. The Independence Day ceremonies are led by the President and Vice President, and are also attended by the cabinet, military brass, honored guests School students and also by general public.

The military personnel in their stunning uniforms parade during the Independence Day Celebrations. There are also some activities, which are organized, by the kids and youngsters during the Independence Day like shrimp chips eating contests, bike decorating and other exciting games. The Nasi Tumpeng and Panjat Pinang are other popular games, which are also organized during the course of the event.

Pay a visit to Indonesia during the Independence Day Celebrations and get yourself entertained.

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