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Architecture of Indonesia

One can easily trace a reflection of the same diversity of cultural, historical, and geographic influences that have shaped Indonesia as a whole in the architecture of Indonesia as well.

The architectonic concepts of Indonesia have been pronouncedly affected by the multifarious cultural influences brought along by several invaders, colonisers, missionaries, merchants and traders.

Traditionally, the most significant foreign architectural influences that have effected the building styles and techniques of Indonesia have been Indian, but included Chinese and Arab, and more recently European influences which have been important since the 18th & 19th centuries.


Religious architecture of Indonesia

The most striking specimen of Religious architecture of Indonesia can be seen in Java, though one can easily see a variety of samples of Religious architecture of Indonesia spread throughout the archipelago. The island’s long tradition of religious syncretism, where it blends two or more religious belief systems into a new system or incorporates beliefs from unrelated traditions into a religious tradition has extended to architectural styles as well. This has resulted in the confluence of structural styles of Hindu, Buddhist, Islamic, and to a smaller extent, Christian architecture as well, that are uniquely Javanese in interpretation.

Traditional vernacular architecture of Indonesia

There is a distinctive style of traditional housing unique to each ethnic group in Indonesia called Rumah Adat. Apart from some small differences and diversity of styles, traditional homes of Indonesia built by peoples with a common Austronesian ancestry, share a number of characteristics such as timber construction, varied and elaborate roof structures, and pile and beam construction that take the load straight to the ground.

These houses are the focal point of a web of customs, social relations, traditional laws, taboos, myths and religions that bind the villagers together. The house serve as the main unit of the family and its community, and is the point of departure for many activities of its residents.




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