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Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo

The island of Java in Indonesia is a famous tourist destination which attracts tourists from different parts of the globe. Mount Bromo which is also locally known as Kawah Bromo happens to be the most well-known volcano in the island of Java. It is a popular tourist attraction in Indonesia.

Mount Bromo happens to be the island’s highest peak and also the world’s most active volcano. But the reason why Mount Bromo has become popular all over the world is because of its easy accessibility. Another unique feature about Mount Bromo is that it is a volcano inside a volcano. The base of the mountain actually rises from an old volcanic crater of the bigger Mount Tengger.

Even the journey to the crater is an exciting experience in itself. Before arriving at the Mount Bromo one needs to get across the Sea of Sands (Lautan Pasir), another unique landmark of the national park.

One can also hire a pony that will take you finally to the staircase that takes you to the crater’s edge. Kasada is one of the most popular religious festivals here which is held in the month of March. However, sometimes, it is also held in the month of February.

Once you reach the edge of the crater you will be greeted by Mount Brome whose entire top has blown off several years ago. A deep vale of black granite is left inside. A sulphurous smoke eructs from the small opening of the Mount Bromo. It’s an absolutely mind-blowing experience to visit Mount Bromo. It is known for spectacular sunrises. The crater was transformed into a lake in 1838. Mount Bromo rises 133 meter above the ground and is almost 700m wide.

The journey to Mount Bromo is an adventure in itself. Visit to Mount Bromo is highly recommended for adventure enthusiasts. So when on a tour to Indonesia make it a point to arrange a trip to Mount Bromo and have an experience of a lifetime.

The closest airport to Mount Bromo is Surabaya's Juanda International Airport, the airport is located approximately 12 kilometers (8 miles) from Surabaya city center. Distance between Surabaya and Mount Bromo is approximately 79 km. You need to chartered a 4x4 Wheels or jeep from Probolinggo or Malang in order to reach Mount Bromo.

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