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Adventure and Recreation in Indonesia

Adventure and recreation in Indonesia comprises of a wide range of activities such as Boating, Scuba diving, Surfing, Volcano Trekking, Island Hopping and Jungle trekking.

Scuba Diving
Strewn with fractious volcanoes marking the edge of a tectonic plate, the arc is lyrically dubbed the "Ring of Fire." This area is traced by rugged islands blanketed with tropical flora. Emerald canopies where the jungle still reigns rice fields of jade and (gold where into the seas, encircling islands with rainbow-hued coral reefs where a myriad of marine creatures plays.

Adventure Cruises and Sailing
Only in Indonesia can you book a passage on a genuine hundred-year-old trading schooner to cruise through the exotic Spice Islands to destinations that have been seducing travelers for centuries.

Surfing in Indonesia takes place in 9 regions. These include Sumatra, Java, Bali, Mentawai Island, Lombok, Sumbawa and East Indonesia. The surfing at Bingin beach is very famous. In fact, Indonesia, being the largest archipelago in the world, has many beaches to offer to the tourists as well as the local people for various activities related to adventure and recreation.

Volcano trekking is yet another type of sport in which you can get a complete package of satisfaction regarding adventure activities. The Semeru mountain in Java, is the largest volcano mountain in Java, and it provides you with loads of valuable experience which is, in fact a gem to treasure. But you must also be careful in safeguarding yourself against the common diseases like hepatitis A and B, diarrhea and frost bites. Ensuring safety against natural health problems, you can really enjoy a volcanic mountain trekking in Indonesia.

In jungle trekking also, you can explore some of the beautiful forests of Indonesia.

River Rafting
Operators offer single and multi-day excursions that take you through pristine jungle, deep gorges and some electrifying rapids.  You can opt for the tourist packages which are really very exciting. In any case, you would remain spellbound by the trips that would lead you to exotic locations. The memories would in deed be cherished by you throughout your life.

The extensive shopping opportunities in Indonesia are a good reason in itself to visit. Whether you are looking for furniture, fashion, antiques, art or jewellery, the archipelago is renowned for producing exquisitely crafted goods, many of which can be bought straight from the craftsman.

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