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Mathilda Batlayeri Airport

Mathilda Batlayeri Airport

Mathilda Batlayeri Airport (Indonesian: Bandar Udara Mathilda Batlayeri) (IATA: SXK, ICAO: WAPS) is an airport located in Saumlaki, Tanimbar Islands, Western Southeast Maluku Regency, Maluku, Indonesia.

The airport replaced the old Olilit Airport located south, which has fallen into disuse. The airport is named after Mathilda Batlayeri, a heroine originating from Tanimbar Islands who died at South Kalimantan in 1953 while fighting the Darul Islam rebel movement. The Airport is operated and managed by UPT Ditjen Hubud.


Terminal Facilities

The new terminal are well equipped with comfortable arrival and departure hall. There are taxi stand and waiting area outside the terminal. Car parking spaces are available within walking distance from the terminal.

Flight Destinations

5 Airlines are operate in Mathilda Batlayeri Airport with Ambon is the most popular route.

  Airline Name Destination
  Aviastar Ambon, Langgur
  Garuda Indonesia (by Explore) Ambon
  Trigana Air Service Ambon, Langgur
  Wings Air Ambon
  Xpress Air Ambon

Public Transportation

Car and taxi: Various taxi services are provided by numerous service providers outside the arrival hall.

Technical Specification

The airport resides at an elevation of 125 metres (410 ft) above mean sea level. The airport currently has a single taxiway measuring 110 m x 15 m and an apron measuring 152 m x 75 m. The current terminal has an area measuring 1,440 m2. In the master plan, the airport terminal would be expanded to 4,000 m2 and on the next phase it would be expanded further to 7,000 m2. The airport's apron and taxiway would also be widened to accommodate larger aircraft.

The airport currently can only accommodate airplanes up to the ATR-72, since the runway currently only has a length of 1,641 m. However, the government is planning to extend the runway to 2,000 m in 2016, and in the next phase would be extended further to 2,500 m. The runway would also be widened to 45 m from the current 30 m. This would allow the airport to accommodate larger aircraft such as the Boeing 737, Fokker 100 and the Airbus A320.

Contact Information

Wer Tamrian
West Maluku Tenggara Regency

Tel: +62 812 131 415



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