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Customs Services

Customs Procedures

Passengers entering to and departing from any of airport shall be aware of customs laws and regulations. The Customs Department provides customs services to passengers who enter and depart any international airport, which consist of Customs services for arriving passengers and those for departing passengers as follows:

Arriving Passengers

The Customs Department offers Customs services to passengers travelling through based on international standards and facilitation of service principles of the World Customs Organization. The Customs has implemented a two channel system which is:

1. Nothing to Declare Channel or Green Channel for passengers who do not have dutiable goods or prohibited / controlled items and

2. Goods to Declare Channel or Red Channel for passengers who carry dutiable goods, prohibited / controlled items or those uncertain whether their belongings are dutiable or prohibited items.

Purchases from Duty Free shops

Please note that all duty free restrictions apply to the country that you are entering not departing from. Passengers should ensure that prior to travelling they are aware of the customs allowances for countries they intend to visit. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that this information is correct, Customs regulations can change without notice. Please check with the local customs authority.

All customs regulations permit only international flight passengers to buy duty free item from the Duty Free shop.

This Customs Services page are available to help you find your route through the Airport easily and efficiently.



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