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Generally, all airports in the world are convenient and safe. The following are some tips that you may need to known when you are in airport:

1. Do not leave your vehicle unattended in front of the terminal. Airport parking rules and security measures are being strictly enforced and your vehicle may be ticketed and towed away, if you fail to abide the rules.

2. Do not carry baggage for strangers.

3. Do not accept packages or baggage from strangers.

4. If you see unattended bags or packages anywhere in the airport terminal, immediately report them to airport security.

6. Report any suspicious activities in the airport or parking area to security or airport authority.

7. It is advisable not to joke about carrying a bomb or discuss terrorism of any sort while going through the security checkpoint. The mere mention of such words can compel security personnel to detain and question you. They are trained to consider these comments as real threats.

This At the Airport page are available to help you find your route through the Airport easily and efficiently.


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