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The information relating to Flight Schedule, Flight Delays and reasons etc. is the concern of the respective airlines and is required to be maintained by respective airlines. This website ( only provides links to the website of airlines for their flight schedule respectively.

Local incorporate passenger airlines in Indonesia Airports are:
  Airline Name   ICAO   IATA   Call Sign
  Airfast Indonesia   AFE   FS   AIRFAST
  Aviastar   VIT   MV   AVIASTAR
  Batik Air   BTK   ID   BATIK
  Citilink   CTV   QG   SUPERGREEN
  Garuda Indonesia   GIA   GA   INDONESIA
  Indonesia AirAsia   AWQ   QZ   WAGON AIR
  Indonesia AirAsia X   IDX   XT   RED PHOENIX
  Kalstar Aviation   KLS   KD   KALSTAR
  Lion Air   LNI   JT   LION INTER
  NAM Air   NIH   IN   NAM
  Sriwijaya Air   SJY   SJ   SRIWIJAYA
  Susi Air   SQS   SI   SKY QUEEN
  TransNusa Air Services   TNU   8B   TRANSNUSA
  Trigana Air Service   TGN   IL   TRIGANA
  Wings Air   WON   IW   WINGS ABADI
  Xpress Air   XAR   XN   TRAVEL EXPRESS
Cargo Airlines:      
  Airline Name   ICAO   IATA   Call Sign
  Cardig Air   CAD   8F   CARDIG AIR
  Cargo Garuda Indonesia   GIA   GA   INDONESIA
  Republic Express Airlines   RPH   RH   PUBLIC EXPRESS
  Tri-MG Intra Asia Airlines   TMG   GM   TRILINES


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