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Denpasar Airport Passenger Guide

Arrival Guide

1. On arrival at the arrival terminal, follow the "Arrival" instructions to the baggage claim.
2. To take luggage, check the screen information on the conveyer belt according your flight.
3. The airline staff will conduct an inspection according to the luggage claim tag.
4. If the luggage lost, you can contact the airline staff at the Lost and Found counter.
5. It’s available the trolley facilities in the luggage claim area.
6. If needed, you can use the services of a porter to help carry baggage, with a tariff of 5.000 IDR/ piece.
7. Please remember the numbers of your porter officer and report in case things are not expected

Arrival Hall

This area reserved for passenger pick-up process after the exit of the arrival terminal.

Pick-up Zone

1. It’s provided for pick-up vehicle to raise passengers and luggage.

2. For who want to use the public transport facilities, please visit the official counters in the Public Hall Domestic Arrivals.

Departure Guide

Here are the stages - stages that must be passed by passengers:

To enter the departure terminal, all passengers must go through security checks gates. That must be considered at this stage include:

Tickets as corresponding dates
Identity card / Passport
All luggage must be checked through the x-ray machine.
To facilitate the inspection process, all metal objects such as mobile phones, keys, and other, to be put into bags.
All passengers must go through Walk through Metal Detector (WTMD).
If necessary, passengers and luggage can be checked manually by Airport Security Officer.
Report to the Security Officer if your service using pacemakers / carrying of firearms
Not allowed to bring along sharp and dangerous items such as knives, penknives, nail clipper, cutter, lighters, matches, gas, and so forth.

Reporting (check in)

Prepare your travel documents, as flight tickets / Identity card / Passport.
Please queue up at the check-in counter) corresponding to your airline at least 2 hours before departure time.
For flight safety, report your luggage weighing more than 7 kg, you only allowed to carry one luggage as per standard specification that weighs less than 7 kg into the aircraft cabin.

Security Inspection

Passengers are obliged to release the belts, watches, hats, jackets, keys, coins and empty the contents of the pocket / shirt for security inspection during passing the security / metal detection gates.

Departure Lounge

After completed your departure check-in at the airline counter, you can wait the departure time in Departure Lounge according to the location indicated on the Boarding Pass.


• When arrive at the arrival terminal, follow the “arrival” instructions to the transit counter and transfer to self-reporting and get ready the document to check in for your next  flight.

• Transit and transfer passengers do not need to go out to do the security inspection (unless requested by airline).

• After the inspection, you can go directly to the departure lounge to wait for the boarding time.

Security Guide

1. Security Screening

• Prepare your travel documents (valid passport, airline ticket or booking confirmation, and visa (if needed)
• Put items containing liquids, aerosols and gel into the tray
• Put electronic items (i.e. laptops, mobile phones, tablets) and metal (e.g., locks, coin) into another tray.
• Loose jackets, sweaters, hats and shoes then put into a tray
• Put your luggage in the X-ray conveyor belt
• Physical examination will be carried out by using a walkthrough metal detector.

2. Prohibited baggage

• Indonesia has strict regulations for passengers carrying prohibited items in flight. You are strongly advised to ask the airline staff before check-in if it is not convinced by the items in your hand luggage, to prevent unnecessary delays.



Airport Particular

Airport Code: IATA: DPS, ICAO: WADD
Airport Name: Ngurah Rai International Airport
City Name: Denpasar
Province: Bali
Distance from city: 13 km
Direction from city: South of Denpasar

Contact Information

Jalan Raya Gusti Ngurah Rai
Tuban, Kuta
Kabupaten Badung
Bali 80362

Tel: +62 361 9351011

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